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What is Private limited company?

Private Limited Company registration is a prevalent legal systematic alternative for corporate entity in India. In Private limited company there can be minimum of two members and it maximize the strength up to 50 members. In private limited company, Directors of company have restrained liability to creditors. If any discrepancy found then banks and creditor can recover money by selling company’s assets but they cannot sell personal assets of company’s Directors.

Nowadays every emerging companies and start-ups are adopting private limited company because it becomes easy for them to raise funds for their company. It also restricted the liabilities of its investors.

Start-ups and growing companies prefer private limited company as it allows outside funding to be raised easily, limits the liabilities of its shareholders and empowers them to offer representative investment opportunities to pull in top ability. CA on Web is significant organization which handles the process of Private Limited Company Registration for various companies in Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and whole India.

Why Choose Private Limited Company Registration

  • It is supple and has controlled obligations.
  • Maximum Capital investment and stability in Business
  • Opportunity of growth in the business


DIN for 2 Directors
ROC Fees & Pan card
Free Accounting Software & GST filing

Process of Company Registration

Fill out our easy form

First of all, you need to fill our company registration form and submit documents

Get DPIN and DSC from us

After submission of your documents you will get DSC and DPIN from us

Authentication and Name Approval

Information provided by user will be authenticated and after that we will apply for name approval.

Submission of Documents

We will prepare all the documents and file them with ROC on behalf of yours

Final work accomplished

After your company registration done, we will provide you all the DSCs and documents related to private limited company registration

Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration

  • There are various motivations to pick private limited company registration
  • Favored by banks, financial specialists and VCs
  • Easy to allocate and redistribute shares to investors or other directors
  • Simple to distribute shares to shareholders or directors
  • It is a distinctive legal entity that control your liability
  • It offers benefits of Public limited Company and suppleness of partnership firm
  • It is simple to register and maintain
  • Simple to close or dissolve


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CA on Web has 30 offices in India and we are devotedly serving people by giving them excellent CA services.

Money Back Guarantee


We assure you to do assist you round the clock, if you are not satisfied then Money back guarantee is assured from us.

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We are veteran in providing different CA services and we have 10 years of experience in this field.

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CA on Web is certainly the fast responsive and affordable entity in delivering CA services online across the India.

5 Steps for Company Registration

Applying for DPIN and Digital Signature Certificate

At first, business partner should apply for DPIN and DSC. DPIN stands for Directors PIN which is issued by MCA and Digital Signature is an online identity which is used for e-fling. If business partners already have DPIN and DSC, they can ignore this process.

Name approval:

Directors have to suggest 3 different company names to Ministry of corporate Affairs and one of them will be selected. It is suggested that name should be relevant and unique with business perspective.

MOA & AOA submission:

After name approval, there is a need to draft Articles of Associate (AOA) and Memorandum of association (MOA). These both documents need to be submitted with statement of subscription.

Get Registration Certificate

It generally takes 15-25 days to incorporate a Private limited company and get the registration certificate. Registration Certificate is evidence that company has been formed. It also comprised with CIN number.

Application for Bank account, PAN and TAN

After that you need to apply for TAN and PAN and they can be received in 7 working business days. After that you can easily file registration certificate, PAN. MOA and AOA and open back account.

Important aspects of Private Limited Company

  • Private Limited Company has limitation of maximum 200 members.
  • Minimum paid Capital is Rs.100, 000.
  • Private Limited Company needs more ROC submission which will cost you extra 5000 to 10000 yearly.

Important Points to Remember in Choosing Company Name

The name of your organization is significant. It is the early introduction to your purchasers, providers and partners. It should, subsequently, be important, relevant and alluring. There are different components that you should remember while naming for your organization

Short & Simple

The name ought to be brief and not be too long. Individuals ought to have the capacity to articulate it effectively and they ought to have the capacity to recall your organization's name the first occasion when they hear or read it.


The name of your organization ought to be identified with your business. It should fit the organization's branding and product.


Name of your organization ought not to be same or existing to a current organization or trademark. You can go to to check if your organization name exists or not. The unique name is your solitary identity in the market.


It is very important to keep suffix of Private limited at the end of your company if you company is Pvt. Ltd and it is a company with limited liability partnership then it should be end with LLP (limited liability partnership).

Company’s Name should be legal and accepted

The company name must not violate the law and it should not be offensive for any community’s belief and traditions.


Yes, you require at least 2 directors for the formation of Private Limited Company Registration; the maximum members can be 200. In case you are the only owner of company then you can opt for One Person Company.
Any organization/ Individual can become the member of Private Limited Company which also includes foreigner/NRI etc. But the mandatory condition is to have 18+ age and have a valid PAN number
The whole registration process is online and there is no need to present physically. There is a requirement of scanned copy of your documents which needed in the registration which you can send through E-mail. And you will get the company registration certificate in to your address through MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
Absolutely not, we at CA on Web apply transparency in our process, so there would be no hidden charges. We will send you invoice details with no hidden charges. Our team consistently supports you till you get registration certificate.
CA on Web generally takes 15 to 25 days to incorporate a Private Limited Company however it depends on applicable documents provided by applicant and process of approval from government. To make sure the rapid approvals of government you need to choose unique name insure that you have all the required documents for registration.
Yes, a foreigner or NRI can be the director in a Private Limited Company they can get their DPIN from Indian ROC , they can also have maximum percentage of shares in company there is minimum one director on which must be Indian resident or citizen.
The minimum paid up capital is 100,000 to form a Private Limited Company.
No, there is no any compulsion to have proper office address; you can register your company even on your residential address. It is absolutely no problem if you start your company from home or shop, because MCA department generally don’t visit to see your office.
You can also choose one of your family member and relatives as the second director of your company and give them marginal share e.g. 0.01%. You can also choose one person company, but remember that after OPC you can add director later on.
A company is legal entity and a different person under Company Act, 2013. A company is considered as the different person that can buy property and also have debtors and creditors. The investor or shareholders of company have no liability to creditors of company if company is failed to pay the debts and loan.
Yes, a salaried person can be the director of private limited, OPC ort LLP. However it is important that your employer should not have any problem in it, you should take NOC letter from them. In so many cases employers have no issue on the fact that one of their employees is the director of any other organization.
No there is no any such provision of changing your LLP Company into private limited company because it is not MCA. However if you want to expand your business then you can register separate company with same as of in LLP. All you need to have NOC (No objection certificate) from LLP.


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